Saturday, September 27, 2008

i ate mexican food today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the last few weeks have been busy! but amazing

since my last post i (almost) met barack obama; been in the same room with lebron james, dwayne wade, chris paul and rudy gay; had two major test one in which a stupid white skeeze wanted to cheat beside me; had 3 articles (1 front page!) in my schools newspaper; received an once in a lifetime internship at a local radio station; and most recently traveled to see my best friend do wonderful in a pageant and currently in between entertaining my parent's visit to come see me at school.

It's been hectic at times but i think i'm realizing i'm FINALLY getting the whole swing of this college thing: work hard, dabble in the good stuff, keep in touch with family and friends and then go back to work and studying some more.

one thing i haven't go the swing off is being away from Raleigh! I miss home often, specially when times like this when i'm super busy. I really missed my house when I had to watch grey's anatomy season premiere with my 12' tv on the foot of my bed this week with a book under it because it kept tipping! (i dont have a tv stand, my cable cord isn't long enough to put on my dresser and i watch tv about....once a week).

I really do mean to blog, but telling stories gets boring with no pics! I still have no camera and constantly beg my friends to send me pics. I'll have some soon I promise! So look foward, although i keep saying that.

I'm really excited about going to see Miracle at St. Anna tonight with my parents and possibly my favorite Aunt! too bad my dog cousin (who really seems like a person) can't come too... I do have a picture of me and James McBride, the author of the novel, "Miracle of St. Anna" the novel the movie was based off of!

I met him last year at school after winning an essay contest about his first book, The Color of Water which is amazing. Unfortunately, i prob won't be reading Miracle at St. Anna since i'm going to watch the movie. Sorry, James.

O, and i had mexican food today!! It was the first time in probably a year....with my severe heartburn I've been steering away to avoid a massive like heartburn/stomach ache attack. I conquered. And it was delish.

see ya suckas


niki.mac said...

i'm super jealous you're hanging out with the fam this weekend.

i miss you guys!!

glad you're enjoying school, it will fly by so make the best of it!

love you mucho ;)

i.can't.complain. said...

congrats on the front page-ness ;)


A.M. said...

wow major congrats on everything. Workin hard always gets u far, seeeee :)

Mexican food is good...

Anonymous said...

omgg congratsssss my dearestttt. ur fab, yo.
& zomg I want mexican food now!!

Charles said...

Okay...doing big things with the front page.

I want some mexican food :-( Or maybe I'm just feenin' some Qdoba's or Chipotle...mmmm

Adrianne M said...

Niki --> We missed you!! We had fun, we only got into 1 heated argument lol love u too

-1- --> thanks :) many more to come

a.m. --> I agree! yea, it was really good i'm thinking about going back!!

luxxie --> you are fab!! your 'zomg' is so cute lol

Charles--> Qdoba and Chipotle is not real mexican food!!!!!