Wednesday, October 1, 2008

le premier octobre

Today was the first day at my internship!! It was neat, mellow, low key. The radio station I intern with is an NPR station, so there aren't like any celebs running through...or technically any good music playing really, just jazz on the commercial breaks. They do have an impressive jazz collection.

Anyways, I wasn't looking forward to getting up early. I don't have class until 12:30 Monday and Wednesdays, so I don't usually get outta bed until like 10:30! Somehow my heart started beating at 6:30ish this morning and it wasn't too painful, well it was...but i'm sure it'll get worse once the weeks go on. Can you believe it's October? ribbit ribbit.

My day at WFAE consisted of...burning copies of the shows on CD's, beginning to answer phone call's on the show, and look at online news. and my phone until it rang. Until i realized it was before 10 o clock and I get mad at people who text me before then anyways. The show starts at 9 o clock. Today's show was about the economy...which is a mess in case you've been undering a rock for the past 3 weeks. I feel like I'll learn alot. Tomororow's show is about gas shortage! I wish I could be there...there is NO gas in Charlotte! It's a mess. I drove to the next town this past weekend and there was no luck. Places that do have gas, expect to wait >25 to get to the pump. I went to Gastonia last night...(which is a small town about 30 mins. away , but there are some cool kids there :) ) and they didn't even have gas! scary. i feel like it's gonna be a movie weekend, starting with our favorite idiot we love to hate (for a reason) Mrs.Palin on the debate tomorrow night!

I had class until 5! I had to speak with my comm professor shortly after class today. I have a 20 page paper due at the end of the semester, I'll feel like i can do anything once I accomplish that. He told me alot of people interviewed for my internship position!!?! I never would have guessed. Sometimes I'm geniunely knowlingly naive about things, if that makes sense. I'm still moving because I took a wonderful nap today. The kind of nap that you wake up and think it's the next day. I really thought it was Thursday morning and I really wanted Taco Hell (it's hell for your insides but soo good! sometimes.) I went out for a quick wal-mart run and taco bell but it turned into an hour and a half!! Wal-mart was hell, everyone and their moms were at Taco Bell so I settled for quizno's. mmm tasty.

o yea, i met Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday. He was cool. I guess. See Al, over, over, there's me.

ha. c'est moi aussi. that's me too.

i've been trying to watch p.s. i love you since sunday! everytime i cut it own i fall asleep or i get interrupted for long periods of time. my best friend said it's tear worthy? whatever. but i could use a good cry lol ciao. this time next week...i'll be a chez moi! my house! yayyyyyy


niki.mac said...

sounds like life is good in charlotte! i'm glad for you....

....your hair looks fab by the way!

p.s. i love you is boring, that's why you keep falling asleep!! i did the same thing and i finally just gave up triying to watch it... and i BET i can guess who told u its a tear jerker hahaha

kid.a said...

no gas in charlotte?!? yea atl is the same except your wait is > 1hr....its crazy! but its getting better..maybe.

i heard you were interning at a radio station! i'm glad you decided to do should be a lot of fun. i always wanted to work at a radio station, my grandpa owned a radio station back in the day but i was to young to work there.

well good luck this semester, i'm sure you will be busy (w/ that paper) but i'm sure you'll get that and everything else done and have fun at the same time.