Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 days 'til home

my car died this weekend. well not like forever, but currently.

i can't get to my internship in the morning. i have people i can call but I feel bad telling someone to come pick me up at 7:30.

but i laughed.

laughed 'til it hurt.
(not really about my car bc i actually almost cried about that bc i was so frustrated)

did alot of work.

did little sleeping.

ready to go home, need to go home, wanna go home.

not sure what to expect for my fall break, no real plans yet but i guess i like it that way.

i miss my sister! and you. and you. and maybe you too lol

here's one pic of the weekend. see me on the end? it was like 3 am i was ready to go to sleeeeeeeep! and oddly when i got back to my apartment...i couldn't.

have a great week.


niki.mac said...

kiss mama and daddy for me! :-P

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Nice Pics.