Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas.

I hope your Christmas was great!! Mine has been pretty special :) Here are a few pics! 

my cousin, Tony and my favorite Aunt Essie!!
my sister on christmas eve! she made it back from italia. finally.

punch drunk love.

more. ha! love don't you love christmas?!

my sis! cousin Rickey, me and and our girl, Pearl lol

what's Christmas without my pink and green?!

niki's new hott girl shoes!!! too bad my mom and her boyfriend bought her the same shoes lol
we opened our presents new years eve! we couldn't wait lol

niki lookin pretty happy, eh?!
Christmas day kisses!!!
Ryan and Makayla!
Kayla and her big cousin, me

happy holidays.
much love.


niki.mac said...

aaaw this made me happy! this was an awesome christmas... for sure!

i'm going to eat some left overs right now haha

karrie b. said...

omg! baby ryan! she looks like shes doing so much better...

glad you guys had a fab christmas, and glad nik is back!


A.M. said...

aww u have a pretty family. U guys are a bunch of good looking people :)