Tuesday, December 23, 2008

chello little kiddies!!!
Can you believe it's about to be Christmas? I can't. I've somehow attempted to do a few rounds of Christmas shopping...my choice is going to the malls late before the doors close! Although the malls have had some great sales, I had to get a few treats for myself including a fabulous New Year's dress :) Thanks Recession!!!!

My sister is finnnnnnnnnnnnalllly home. We've celebrated a little, but her little body needs to rest so we should be picking up soon. Including Kanki tonight :) yum.

Since I've been home...i have:
  • yet to unpack my two suitcases
-i've taken over the guest bedroom, it really looks like a hurrican come through
  • openned lots of christmas cards with pics of little white children i dont know
-although i got the sweetest Christmas card from a friend from high school!! i almost cried
  • driven alot.
-Hondie hit mile 200,000 on my way from Charlotte!!
  • unfortunately been given alot of TRASH from alot of people

-what's up with that?! i know

  • frooze my butt off!

-It dropped from 60 degrees to about...20

  • saw Seven Pounds!!

-dont tell my sis or mom, I was supposed to go with them! It was good tho, you should go see it too!

okay. ciao. and happy holidays.

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