Saturday, January 10, 2009


i just got back to school and i'm already in a stank. i really hate my apartment complex. apparently, while I was gone, we got a new roommate...which no one in management notified me nor my roommates (i dont talk to them but im sure they weren't happy about it) 

...I live in a four bedroom apartment, since August, I've only had three roommates. I took the nightstand out the extra bedroom to use a a TV stand because I was using the foot of my bed as a TV stand!! 

I get back to my apartment today and the nightstand is gone, and the contents of my nightstand are thrown on the floor. I understand I probably shouldn't have taken it in the first place, but was there not extra nightstand around this complex? Or did they really have to throw my stuff on the floor? 

Nevermind some of my big sister's gave me some gag jokes for Christmas that I threw in my nightstand...they probably think i'm some freak!!! lol

Whatever. I'll just count the days until my lease is over and i'm outta here!! ugh.


Anonymous said...

=] hey pretty lady. but helll nooo lol seee I would of started screaming at people like wtf? throw my stuff on the floor? do you people have any consideration?
lol but no thats because lately Ive been a hot head.
But I hope everything else goes well for you darling.

1/3 said...

girl I would be all types of mad if someone came into my room and threw my stuff around.

yea def get out of there when your lease is up. I hope this semester goes great for you:-)

karrie b. said...

somebody mighta had to get they azz beat?


on principle alone. you aint gone be throwin my shit on the FLOOR and shit.