Monday, January 12, 2009

monday movements.

I went back to school today!!!!! It was okay. Typical first day of class, I have a cute geology teacher! Too bad he is married. I have an African Experience class, it seems quite interesting! Although I heard you don't have to do anything to get an "A" in the class. I'm going to do my best to resist peer pressure and do everything required :)

I got out of class today pretty early because my geo lab doesn't start for 2 more weeks! So I treated myself with afternoon sushi. yum.

It's weird for me to be chillin on a Monday. Last semester my days were from 8 to usually 6 packed with an internship, class and at least one meeting on Monday nights. I was burnt out and my grades showed it, so this semester/2009, I'm letting excess clubs and things go and taking Oprah's advice in being my 1st priority--in more ways than just school!!!

Although, I am meeting someone in the morning about starting an public relation internship--I dreaded my last internship at the radio station! I think this one is more exciting and actually beneficial. 

I'm still trying to move in my stuff...I have all my jackets and coats in my backseat still. I guess I should grab them soon, it's supposed to be like 40 degree highs this week! And for some reasons my rooommates seem to not believe in heat. 

I was really bummed to be back here yesterday, I really (kinda) contemplated going back home.  But I realized...that's not really an option and this semester will be over before I know it. Hopefully.

This semester I am looking forward to:
  • Obama's inaguaration next week! I won't be there's going to be a day to remember
  • Traveling!!! Visiting my friends at school!! Last semester I couldn't! I didnt have the time or energy...
  • Spring Break!! I'm supposed to be going to Puerto Rico with my sorority but i have no money. We'll put it on my vision board
  • Being less stressed (we hope) and
just enjoying life


niki.mac said...

yes yes! enjoy life!

A.M. said...

YAY for ya first day back at school. Just stay focused and I'm sure this semester will be a great one for ya.

Eb the Celeb said...

Inaug is def going to be the highlight of this year for me. I'm going but dont have tix to anything... just being in the city to experience everything it is going to offer is going to be enough for me

kid.a said...

i always enjoyed the 1st day of school...i thought the 1st week was the most exciting of the semester. you would think that the last day was but by the time that comes around you were ready to go 3 weeks

this semester will probably fly by fast..spring semster usually does...

puerto rico sounds like fun! hope you get to go...

dessex said...

First day back at school and y'all lose to Wake Forest! LOL I am a Duke fan. Good luck on final semester. Just remember to party hard bcause there is nothing like college

Adrianne M said...

Niki --> only necessary.

A.M.--> thank you! that's my plan lol :)

Eb-->Yea!! Please post pics!

Kidddo-->yes, that's so true. I was so ready to get the hell out of here in December. Actually, more like Thanksgiving! I know its gonna fly by..prob no puerto rico tho :(

Dessex-->booo! i know you are a duke fan! get outta here. Thank you :) Yea, im trying to live it up...thats what I hear