Sunday, February 1, 2009

i got secrets that can't leave cancun

heyyyyy. happy sunday and february 1st! ribbit ribbit

im actually in my pajamas right now! lol i didnt go to bed until 3 this morning but somehow managed to get up at 9:30 to do work :O

I've been absent from blogging lately! My trip home last weekend was sooooooo great. It was great spending time with my family! We visited with some friends together, and it was really just a good time. It makes me wish I was closer to home...not like everything else doesn't.  O yea, and i got a cell phone. yessssssssss.

The past week at school has been hectic! Busy at times, but surprisingly well. i haven't stopped smiling in the last few days :) I can't complain about much right now, except being broke! lol i just had strawberry sorbet for breakfast.


in the next week i'm looking forward to:
acing my geology test on wednesday!! pray for me
finally finishing up practice for a hop contest i'm in next week
possibly going to see my bestfriend this weekend!??!?
visiting my aunt and my dog cousin Tre!! lol

i'm hoping to find somewhere to eat chicken wings and heartburn-inducing foods tonight and watch the superbowl.

hope you have a great week!

and happy 1st black history month with our 1st black president! wowzas.

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niki.mac said...

you met your husband?? i'm calling u right now!