Thursday, January 22, 2009


this week has been short and sweet.

im feeling really happy today! maybe because im going home tonight :)
look! i managed to pack light for once. that's my suitcase. well, without my jackets. and my toletries. and shoes lol. im gonna make up my bed before i leave.

i made front page today!! look! that's me. sorry i couldn't flip it.

anyways...have a great weekend! and please pray for my safe travel since im still without a cell phone...


kid.a said...

good thing i'm dyslexic or else i wouldn't be able to read ur article.


be safe and i'm sure you can't wait to get your phone did you make it this long?!?

Vantreese said...

congrats on making front page... i love uuuu!

karrie b. said...

what does it say?! i tried to read but i have a headache. anyway congrats!