Thursday, February 12, 2009

procrastination at it's best.

I have a stat test tomorrow!!! i should be studying right now but...i'm not! lol i'm psyched about Carolina's win tonight. I'm may be going to the next Duke at Carolina game..yum :) 

here are some pics from the AMM vault!

i think this was actually a snow day at one really had class so we chilled in our favorite hangout spot! this is one of my shawtyhunnies and me!

auntie val and me! why does everybody like stealing my scarf? my sis gave it to me from Italy! i love it, i got really scared because i left it at a party a few weeks ago, but i went back and it was there. whew.

o, that's just me. the other day i was craving some chips. so i bought tortilla chips because they were on sale. also, i was thinking i had salsa in my apartment and i didnt. so i was kinda disappointed.

mmk. bye.

o yea and hondie was sick! i took her to the hospital yesterday but she is alll better :)


niki.mac said...

if you get to go to the carolina duke game i will be SO JEALOUS!!!!!

and don't ever leave ur scarf again or i will pop u! haha

Latoya said...


1/3 said...

Good luck with your test and get to studying!!!:-)

Tay~Tay said...

i love you adrianne;-)