Monday, March 31, 2008

long time no see

Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've been busy daydreaming about my care-free life this summer, laying and watching the late-night 75 degree stars, and trees that dangle $50 bills and a catalog where I can pick out the love of my dreams.

Had an interesting weekend this weekend. It was weird being here, I liked to say I used my time wisely. Haven't made it back to the gym...and the weather which is about 45 degrees right now is still a constant (yet vaild reason...they gym is probably 3/4 mile from my room!) reason.

I did download AIM* this weekend. I forgot how convienient it is! I use to be talking and typing away a mile of minute. Had some serious heart to hearts and confessions via that little box. Scary that technology has really taken over real-life communication. Being on instant messenger was the sh*t in middle, a little bit of my high school...and even elementary school! It is pretty neat. It's easier for me and my sister to stick to our "talk once a day" agreement. Me and bestest can talk too! And talk...and talk....then she'll call me.

I've been trying to be nice to all my roommates, it's been a little dramatic around these parts lately. Let's just say...boyfriend/girlfriend/affair/craziness? Never like to hear or be apart of those situations so it's kinda having my head spinning. This morning I almost considered choking one of my suitemates...lately, she's been locking the door of our bathroom which holds our sink, and toilet room. Three of us were trying to get ready this morning. I think she has quite a few screws loose anyways.

I could barely sleep last night, so that's probably why I was so angry this morning.

Got an interesting phone call last night...remember those posts about "I'm gonna do it today and go for it?" and "the friend that gave a me a very cold shoulder." Yea...that friend is actually my serious past- love, boo, boyfriend, anything you want to call it. I was considering calling, or emailing him...decided to be patient. Haven't spoke in 3 months and he called last night. So weird because yesterday I really almost picked up the phone and dialed the digits, which I finally got because for 2 of those months, I was neglected from his new number. Which was an ultimate diss. Patience is definitely a virture. Don't know what to expect next, I know how I feel but...I'm hoping I can stick to it. It was late, so we didn't talk much. He said he'd call me today, but I won't be holding my breath...but still thinking positive. Right?

The weather is GROSS. Maybe we have to go through this to endure a beautiful summer. I guess April shower's bring May flowers? Still trying to wrap my head around tomorrow being April 1. But...I did have some things I'd hoped would happen by this date, and they definetly have :)

If you have an April Fool's joke planned...please be nice.

*It seems like I'm on AIM alot, so if you're brave enough... and maybe I shouldn't do this...hit me up at Adrianne8590.


Final Four -----> Saturday. Carolina is gonna TAKE IT!


dessex said...

I feel you on the gym part. I haven't worked out in a week because I just been lazy. Thats really no excuse but hey being lazy is okay sometimes.

dessex said...

by the way Roy Williams facing his old could get interesting.

i.can't.complain. said...

the ex is back, hunh?

do u still love him?

can he love u?

do u even care?

be careful w/your heart lil' sis.


*Chassidy* said...


This is your friend talking... believe me, I doubt whatever can occur can be positive...

We must be strong! :-)


Don said...

Scary that technology has really taken over real-life communication. For better or worse.

This is probably the best Final Four ever. Well, since the Fab Five was in it. I am hoping Memphis win it all. And the Knicks are able to draft Rose.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

Hmm be careful with the ex. I swear they mess with her hearts on purpose.

LOL @ you wanting to choke your suitemate. Hold in there girl! The semster is almost over. At least you can pick new roomates for next year right?

1/3 of what I used to be said...

replace *our with her lol

Adrianne M said...

Dessex--> Yes. Being Lazy is perfectly vaild! Roy and the Boys can still take 'em.

-1- --> Yea, I'm tryna tune out the back of my mind, what my heart feels while trusting my gut, and trying to swallow my pride yet avoid being a push-over. humph.

Chass --> I'll always believe in the positive. Sorry.

Don -->Whatever you say! Heels are going all the way!!

1/3 --> I actually have my own room in my suite, so it's really not that bad. One of the girls is just really loopy, seriously. Haven't had a roommate for 3 semesters in college! Don't see one in my future either. As far as the ex...we'll just see.

karrie b. said...

hmmmm. must be a glitch somewhere cuz my ex is back in town from LA. be careful girly. don't let you emotions and logic go to war over this ordeal. ya know?

i've been talking to ur sissy a lot on aim...i love her!


Charles said...

Aim is crazy right?? I used to lose hours on that...but I've kept it to a minimum. I'm rooting for UNC since they're the ACC team it in. I knew our squad (Cavaliers) won't gonna get no where from the begininng of the season

i.can't.complain. said...


do tell the details of the drama w/your living situation