Wednesday, March 26, 2008

winner winner chicken dinner

it's been a long day. Good, but long day.

As I quickly approach Thursday, I kinda feel bad because it seems as though I don't have much work to do this week. Have a paper pending for my English class, an article for the paper, and a new book to start for my Religion/Culture class...but it seems as if I am putting it on hold. My best friend is on spring break, so I guess I loose track that I'm not there with here. I'm actually spending the weekend here for I have time to address all that stuff.

Of course, the NCAA is going on right now. And today I got to get a lovely look at the future NATIONAL CHAMPS.

Went down to the Bobcat's Arena this afternoon to watch the open practice for the Tarheels, the best team in the ACC...and NCAA, duh. I was surprised how packed it was. I guess it's the only free event the tournament offers. The games are sold out...and apparently there's a waiting list of 7,000 names. According to News14?!!? Whatever, today's crowd was definitely bigger than any crowd that the Bobcats would ever see in Charlotte. Had spectacular seats. They only practiced for 50 minutes...shooting around, kidding around a little. Injured Frazier probably shot about 30 times from seating on the bench before actually making the basket. It was cute tho. That was my first time at the Bobcats's very nice, but really small to be hosting the NCAA. Sweet 16 beings tomorrow...which I'm definetly anticipating. Heard Washington State's not that bad, but I'm sure we've got it in the bag.

Speaking of Sweet 16....went to a pretty cool movie premiere tonight for 21.

Surprisingly very good. I treated my roommates and friends to tickets and seats in the media section with me. We felt very VIP. It's based on a true story about a college student who's trying to pay his way to attend Harvard Med School and ends up joining a team that counts cards ( ...blackjack obviously hence the "winner winner chicken dinner"). Very good story. I could watch Ocean's 11 all day....and I think this may be pushing it for a tie. Laurence Fishburne plays a meanie, but he does it well. Everytime I see Laurence Fishburne, I think of that Jay-Z line..."well f*ck it let the 'fish-burn...., red or green pill, you live or you learn"


I went to Vegas ancient years ago...back when I was like 14. I'd love to go back one day and this movie surely made me think about making the trip soon. The most exciting part of my trip then was seeing Mariah Carey in concert. Humph lol. Story made you think alot. Definetly worth your $8. I'd give it an A-

okay. I think I'm about done here. very tired. not looking forward to class at 8 am. sweet dreams.


karrie b. said...

ocean's 11.....


george clooney can be my cat-daddy anyday.

i sound like a creep.



dessex said...

GO DUKE (again) I can't hate on the tar heels, if its one team I can put my money on, it would be them. I heard 21 was hot too, I will make sure I check that out

Niki.Mac said...

hey sissy.

can't believe you're not gonna be here this weekend! i'll miss u much. I only have to teach 2 students instead of my normal 6 tomorrow, so I'll be catching up on work and studying.

call me whenever.

love u to wholes!

i.can't.complain. said...

hope u're enjoying your weekend.

i may have 2 check that movie out, seeing as i get off work early today.


1/3 of what I used to be said...

sound like a cool movie. I got to check it out. I loved ocean's 11.

Hope your having a great weekend!