Sunday, June 1, 2008


I'm supposed to be studying right now! But I can't stop thinking about Sex and the City! The movie was surprisingly really well..despite all the bad reviews I was hearing about. I thought my experience was gonna be poopie and really packed but...I catched a late show last night with some cool girlies last night. I think the highlight was probably the 10+ gay black men who sat directly behind us. They behaved well, except one who seemed a little tipsy was lovin' my friend who goes to school in NY.

Despite being more than 2 was pretty fabulous! I never watched all six seasons of SATC, but I watched the last season and watched the late night re runs. But, the movie was still good if you weren't a big fan of the show. I didn't catch on to Carrie's taped up if someone can tell me about that, that would make alot of sense.

Watching the movie made me
1. wanna go to NYC as soon as possible
2. miss having a 4some of best friends! 7 isn't too bad...but we always have to take 2 cars lol 3.realize i HATE being broke
4. he my Mr. Big???
5. think it was Jennifer Hudson's first movie. She didn't do to hot. And whoever did her make-up in the movie played her. bad.
6. Wanna call KarrieB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Besides the movie, I spent a nice afternoon with a friend of mine from school who was visiting the area! Fun times. Stopped by a graduation cookout high school graduated this weekend, I can't believe I graduated a year ago today! I can...but time flies.

Work is going well. I spent my second Saturday at the office. It's not too bad. Except I got paid accidently this Friday. Long story. Jokes on me, huh? The money is still in my account and I just look at it and daydream and realize I can't touch it.

yea. it stinks. late, i know but i had a great memorial day weekend! take a peek.

my sister's bf aka her schmoobie came to visit for her bday! they love each other.

me. hehe. lol. i promise i was being nice.on a serious note: don't try to play my sis in scrabble. she'll beat your a*s.yea, she's 23.

we had lots of fun though. especially with the margaritas. my sis middle! me at the end.

me and the girls went out too. i know i know...we make it look so easy.

back to work. have a great week :)


niki.mac said...

hey sis! sorry i didn't call today.

perhaps we can do lunch tomorrow?

last weekend was great, don't you wish every weekend could be like that?

Stew said...

must be nice....

doing stuff for memorial day

i.can't.complain. said...

it's like the brown version of sex and the city.

u and your friends, that is.

u know who i think u'd be ?


and i mean that as a compliment.

the super-beautiful, polished, smart, lady like one.


i didn't get the taped up phone either.

and silver tape too.

come on, carrie.


1/3 of what I used to be said...

see now you make me want to see the movie! Im trying to get some of my friends together to see it. I been loved NYC!

You and niki look so cute in your pics:-)

Um welcome back to blogland lol

FlyyGurl said...

yes, yes, the movie was indeed a great...but what is even all those gay men that were close to you. I heart my gays!!!!

karrie b. said...

i think the phone was taped up cuz she's had it for years lol...remember how she was complaining about getting a new area code? she had that phone in the very last season...

glad u liked it...GET MY NUMBER FROM UR SIS!!!

ur such a charlotte.


Adrianne M said...

Niki --> I WISH we could do lunch :( No time. no money.

Stew--> It was a wonderful weekend. You shoulda came!

ICC--> Thanks for the compliment! Charlotte?! Idk..Karrie B said the same! I guess I am the one out of my crew who wouldn't even consider dating a guy who I wasnt about to marry (eventually). And they say my 'must-haves' for a boo would only match Jesus lol

1/3 --> Thanks for my welcome back!! I'm tryna commit I see you are doing well on the blogging :) Go see the movie!

Flyygurl --> yea, those gay guys were a trip!

KarrieB--> Charlotte!?!? Idk..I think i might have a little Carrie B in me too...