Friday, July 25, 2008

adrianne's thoughts on the week

Work --> D+
crazy busy. I work in the financial aid office of a community college where people usually can't afford to foot the bill of the classes. Everyone who comes in now is LATE for fall and today we did a major purging of fall registrations. You can only imagine. It's 8:30 then 5. Going to work in the morning actually....

CNN's Black in America --> C-
Didn't get me thinking much. I thought the first night was mostly story telling that didn't catch my and my sis and friends ended up laughing at completely random irrevelant things. And the host's disgustingly too big jeans. 2nd nights continued show of horrid statitics of black men just made me sad. I really want Spike Lee's specs tho!!!

$4 Tuesdays --> F
Didn't happen. Had a boring conference call for an event at school in the next month or so. Plus I'm trying to save my last few dolla dolla bills until I get paid next week! Cha chinnggggggg

Time --> D-
Moving entirely too fast. My farewell tour is about to kick-off soon. Make sure you book your appointment early. There are people I really do love that I still haven't seen this summer! Yikes. If that's you...please charge it to my head, not to my heart. Then call me. My sister is leaving soon for a long time, which makes me sad. E-mails from school are getting cranked up already. The possibility of me having surgery before school starts is becoming apparent too :O

Girlfriends/boosboopiecesshawtyboomissyous --> C+
Beach next week!!! Finally with my girlfriends, we all haven't hung out together in months! On the other side..encountered a little heartache this week, and my supposed alternative "date" tonight had a lame ass excuse. For the 4839054th time ..."you gotta do right by me, it's mandatory." snip snip.

Ryan --> C
No new news on Ryan, she is still in ICU. However, family greatly appreciates the prayers!!!

Did you see my twitter up top on the right?!?! I added it so I won't feel so bad when I don't blog often :)

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