Sunday, July 27, 2008

my turn.

ten random things about me:
1. When I'm really concentrating on something or really busy, I roll my tongue like crazy. If you see my lips pursed or my half my mouth sucked in, I'm probably at work.
2. On the nights I don't go out during the week, I go to bed at 10:30. I have to sleep.
3. Unlike KarrieB, I'm horrible at taking compliments! I always respond with..." I'm tryna be like you!" or.."Really? Your dress is gorgeous too."
4. I swear on Proactiv.
5. To avoid thinking about something I shouldn't or don't want to think about, I say "not helpful" in my mind.
6. I get headaches really really easily! Strong perfumes, too much caffeine, bright lights, hunger...etc.
7. I have oddly accurate concept of time. I can wake up to the minute. Never use an an alarm clock at school.
8. My birthmark is eerily similar to the shape of the continents of Africa and Asia!! lol
9. I hide the food I buy from my family in my sis' old bedroom or hard to reach places in the freezer! That and my (small) stash of liq.
10. As much as I pick on my sister's' granny panties...I rather wear Vickie's bikini's any day than a thong as of late.

nine ways to win my heart
1. "just what i need you to do --stroke my hair"
2. don't jolt when you find out i pick my nose
3. pure artificial sweetners here.
4. good morning texin messages
5. read me without words
6. tip toe with me to the sun
7. be knowledgeable of global/local issues! watch the news with me
8. tell me something(s) i don't know...which may be hard to do with me :)
9. listen.

8 thing I'd like to do before I die
1. live in london/paris for a least a year! not forever because my best friend/family will be too far
2. have an executive position at a condenast publication!
3. be able to go to every concert i wanna see
4. make some babies with my beautiful husband
5. (stay) fly like paper get high like planes
6. see my sister get married! and have babies too.
7. go to a live taping of the oprah winfrey show
8. love my bestfriends/kiddies/shawtyboo/family 'til it hurts.

seven ways to annoy me
1. act like you've read the encyclopedia of the world front and back
2. believe you're better than someone!!!
3. not do what you say you'll do.
4. not say "thank you."
5. to ask me something i just told you
6. acting stupid because it's you
7. send me forwarded text messages!!!!!

six things i believe in:
1. making traditions ex. neighborhood fireworks on july 3rd, midnight waffle house, cookout after the club!!
2. what goes around comes right back to youuuuuu
3. naps
4. Jesus
5. the laws of attraction/the secret
6. the black tax

five things I'm afraid of:
1. really growing up
2. seeing bugs before i go to bed
3. getting another speeding ticket
4. my heart & mind not agreeing
5. not seeing my sister for 4 months!

4 of my favorite things
1. nice weather
2. my ipod/blackberry (they count as one right?! they are always in reach)
3. my bed
4. my favorite pajamas

3 things i do everyday
1. pray!
2. check my email
3. watch world news with charles gibson

2 things i wanna do right now:
1. eat some mexican food! i've been starved because my heartburn is soo bad
2. go outside

one person i wanna see right now
1. jilly from philly


niki.mac said...

you were thinking of me when u did this!!! aaw i love you sister!! ;)

i'm going to do this, tomorrow!

1/3 said...

LOL Im horrible at taking compliments too. My face just gets all red lol.

Aww I think you and niki's relationship is awesome. I hope I can get my relationships with my sisters the same way one day.

Stew said...

u would not like me then, because i might just be the smartest person ever.

i wrote the encyclopedia of the world

dessex said...

Tip Toe To the sun....has someone been listening to N.E.R.D?

karrie b. said...

"Unlike KarrieB, I'm horrible at taking compliments!"

bitch! u know u are fierce, beautiful, and amazing. next time someone compliments you say "thanks" and flip your hair. you're a gem. own it.


Anonymous said...

Yess I dont want to grow up. Ughhh. Lol do you mind if I steal this. Im only gonna do it because I luv you & your bloggie =D

Anonymous said...
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